Cori ‘Maybee’ Baumann - the girl behind the camera
Full time Mommy, part time photographer.
My priorities: God, family, photography
Photographic style: Combo of photojournalistic & contemporary portrait. (My aim is to capture the emotion, so just like a smell takes you back to a memory, so will my pictures)

I am passionate about capturing high quality, creative images.


2017 marked a move to Progreso, Mexico to do Missionary work. I brought my camera with me :)


Want to know a little more about what makes me me? Here ya go:

I’m a Mama to 2 energetic and amazing  boys who have my heart and make me laugh daily, and a beautiful sweet baby girl who was born June 24th, 2014.

My all time favorite TV show  is “Downton Abbey”.

I am madly in love with my husband.

I love to create: my most recent endeavor is learning how to sew!

Jesus is my homeboy.

M favorite color is blue (or yellow…or pink…or depends on my mood)

I have a baby named Jordan waiting for me in heaven.

I am fun, maybe a little goofy, and can make people feel comfortable :)

Dance parties  in the kitchen are an important and regular occurrence in our home.

I am sarcastic from time to time…which may tell you I grew up a Seinfeld fan.

I like black olives, and yes I will eat them from a can.

Disney movies are some of my favorites, at least all the ones with singing in them.

West Side Story is the bomb.

I’ve been on a missions trip to Honduras.

I had to use my restraint training in Colorado when working with youth felons.

Queso with tortilla chips with some Dr. Pepper, my man and a good movie sounds like a great night in to me.

oh, and I LOVE photography!


My journey to photography:
I originally set off to college to marry a youth pastor and get a Masters degree in counseling.  I got a BS in psychology and did marry the most wonderful man who was a youth pastor for many years.  After a time of being sick and away from my psychology field for a bit, I changed direction a little.
I got started in photography in 2006 years ago when my husband challenged me to think about what I would enjoy doing, and I thought to myself, “I really enjoy taking pictures”.  Next thing I knew I had a good starter digital SLR camera.  Then an amazing photographer, Karen Mattson of Mattson Pictures, showed me the some of  ropes and let me be an assistant to her.  As that position ended, another amazing woman, April Scott, entered my life.  We joined forces and pooled our knowledge and dove into our own photography business.   God has now directed us individually, and here I am!   I increased my skills through lots of practice, workshops and online instruction.

I am so thankful for the skills and knowledge I have gained over the last several years to compliment my creative eye.  I LOVE making people excited about pictures, and really showcasing each person’s natural beauty.  That is what I strive to do every time I click that shutter button.